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First Eucharist and Reconciliation Preparation

**All forms are being revised and updated and will be available shortly.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact Colleen Dougherty at  Thank you for your patience. 


Receiving the Sacraments is an important and exciting time for your child and family. Many of us still have very fond memories of when we received the sacraments.  In order for you to fully embrace this process, understand the tradition, the catechism, and the spiritual meaning, we recommend reading the following pages. Reconciliation, and Eucharist.


Better understanding the Sacraments will allow you to better guide your child's understanding and answer their questions.  We welcome Non-Catholics and fallen away Catholics to find more information about the faith in the various pages under the Newcomer tab on the Home page.

Reconciliation and First Holy Communion

Both of these sacraments are generally received when a child is in the second grade. Receiving God's mercy and love in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and receiving the Holy Eucharist in Mass for the first time are special moments that we look forward to sharing with your family

If your child is older than 7 and has not received these Sacraments before, please do not hesitate to contact Colleen Dougherty at: to discuss. We would love to help your child to prepare for these Sacraments.


Instruction - Children enrolled in a Catholic School will receive their instruction during religion classes. Those children who do not attend a Catholic school should receive their preparation through the Parish Religious Education Program. Both the school and the parish use the series "Blest Are We." Our Religious Education Program also uses "Encounter with Christ." Parents are encouraged to talk to their children at home about what they are learning in class. 

Informational Meeting - it is important for families to come together to discuss the significance of the Sacraments and how to help their child prepare.

Blessing Cup Workshop - It is a tradition at Saint Anne's to come together as a class and paint Blessing Cups. These cups are symbolic of the Last Supper and remind us of our First Communion. Families will meet at Jen's Pottery Den to paint their cups.

First Communion Family Retreat - students and parents will come together to take time to reflect on the Sacrament. It is a fun day to celebrate our faith together.

To begin the preparation process, parents need to complete an application for receiving these sacraments.  Please note, if your son or daughter was not baptized at St. Anne's, it will be necessary for you to attach a copy of his/her baptismal certificate to the application.







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