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Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation Preparation

You are Chosen

**All forms are being revised and updated and will be available shortly.  In the meantime, please feel free to contact Colleen Dougherty at  Thank you for your patience. 

As Catholics, we are called, and Chosen, by God to affirm our faith in the Sacrament of Confirmation. Confirmation is a very important Sacrament and completes our "Initiation" into the Catholic Church. Preparation is a two year process that begins in 7th grade and continues through 8th grade. It includes weekly catechesis, weekly celebration of the Eucharist, service to others, and spending time with God in prayer. Below are a list of other expectations. Remember, these "assignments" are designed to support our students in their desire to know, love, and serve our wonderful God while helping to prepare them for reception of the Sacrament.

Weekly Celebration of Mass and Receiving the Eucharist - Food for the Journey:

Just as God fed manna to Moses and the Israelites on their journey to the promised land, the student candidates and their parents will need spiritual nourishment for their journey. God provides this through the weekly celebration of Mass and reception of the Eucharist. Weekly attendance at Mass is a critical component in the preparation process.

Instruction - Ongoing throughout the Two-Year Process:

Instruction for students who attend St. Anne School will occur during daily Religion class. Students main resource for Religious class will be "Blest Are We."  Students who do not attend a Catholic School should receive instruction through the Religious Education Program. In 2015, our Religious Education Program began using Chosen: A Journey towards Confirmation, a program published by Ascension Press, to help guide our catechesis. Students, catechists, and parents have enjoyed how the videos, presenters, and workbooks challenge them to grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith and their personal relationship with God.

Service to the Parish and the Community:

Acknowledging and developing our God-given talents is an on-going part of our individual faith journey. Using these talents in the service of others is why we were created and what God calls us to do.

During Confirmation preparation, we focus on gaining a deeper understanding of how we can help our Parish and Community. Candidates are required to complete five hours of service to the parish and 5 to the community as 7th graders, and again as 8th graders. Students should choose one experience when they were serving their parish and one where they were serving their community and write a short reflection on why it was impactful.

Catholic Religious Devotions:

The communal aspect of all sacraments is especially experienced in the Liturgy of the Church. By expecting candidates to broaden their experience in communal prayer, we hope to awaken in them "the power to profess faith in Christ publicly".  CCC#1034. The candidates are required to be actively present for five hours of various Catholic Devotions and prepare a reflection on the experience each year. (excluding Sunday Mass and Holy Days of Obligation). Refer to the following pages for more details: 

Confirmation Retreat

Students are required to attend one Confirmation retreat during their 2 year preparation for the Sacrament. Saint Anne Parish attends Lancaster Catholic's "I Am Rally" in October. It is a wonderful retreat that includes a National known Keynote speaker, music by the Sean Malloy Band, Mass, and several break-out sessions. It is an awesome day.

Seventh Grade Schedule of Events and Requirements

Declaration of Intent

Preparation for Confirmation begins with an informal meeting at the beginning of the 7th grade for prospective candidates and their parents. At this meeting, the Director of Religious Education (DRE) will review the preparation process, the meaning, and the expectations. Students and parents will show their interest and dedication to the process by signing a Letter of Commitment, and a Rite of Entrance Covenant.

Service Project 

Students will serve those individuals who are parishioners, but are shut-ins, by participating in a cookie bake. Students will prepare cookies at home and then come together at the Church to package them and write notes. They will then be delivered to the homebound by the Morales family. Extra cookies will be used for our Brown Bag Lunch ministry.

Choosing a Sponsor

Choosing your sponsor is one of the most important decisions that students will make during the preparation process. It requires discernment and prayer. A sponsor needs to be willing and able to make the faith journey with the candidate. The sponsor will be required to obtain a Letter of Eligibility from their home parish. Click here to learn more about Choosing your Sponsor.

Letter to the Pastor

Each candidate is required to write a short letter to Father Tri. Parents are encouraged to provide guidance and to proofread letters.

Choosing a Confirmation Name

Candidates are required to choose a Saint's name to become their Confirmation name. This person should be someone that they want to emmulate. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of the Saint and share their reasoning for choosing that person. Several options are available: a 2 page paper, a presentation in front of your class, a PowerPoint presentation, etc. In discerning their Confirmation name, students will be required to report on the saint who bears the name.


Eighth Grade Schedule of Events and Requirements



Service Project - Community Meal 

Families from Saint Anne Church volunteer to prepare meals for those in need through Friday Community Meals at Saint Mary's Church. Students will gather at Saint Mary's to help prepare and serve the meal. They will also help to clean up afterwards. Students have talked very highly of this unique experience.

Letter to the Bishop

Each candidate is required to write a short letter to the Bishop who will be celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Interview with the Pastor

The Pastor will meet with each candidate to learn about their preparation journey and experiences. While one student is meeting with Father, the others will be participating in a fun and informal review session. Prior to Confirmation, Bishop Gainer will meet with the students and ask them questions. They should be prepared to answer questions about their individual preparation and the information on the Confirmation question and answer sheet provided by the Diocese.

Rite of Sending

The Rite of Sending is a way for the parish of Saint Anne to recognize our Confirmands and show our support. Candidates and sponsors will receive a special blessing, and our parish will "send" them to receive Confirmation. It will be part of the 10:30 Mass. Please see your Confirmation binder for dates.

Confirmation Practice 

The date for Confirmation practice has not yet been determined. As soon as it is set, you will be informed. Sponsors should plan to attend practice as well. It is essential for Confirmands and sponsors to attend so that they understand how the Mass will work and their role in it.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation will be held on June 5, 2022. Details will be available at a later date. 




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