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Theology of Stewardship

Summary of the Theology of Stewardship


  • All that we have and all that we are is a gift from God - our time, our talent, our money and even the gift of life itself. 
  • God gives us all these many gifts out of great love.
  • God's intention is not for us to be actual owners of these gifts, using them only for ourselves, or hoarding them, or ignoring our gifts by placing them under a bushel basket.
  • Rather, God's purpose is that we be good stewards, managers, or caretakers of these gifts by using them responsibly, generously and wisely for building up the Kingdom of God.
  • The very purpose of our lives is to use our unique set of gifts for:

          Loving and serving God and neighbor;

          Living our unique and personal calling or vocation from the Lord.

  • God desires that we freely choose to use our gifts this way and that our motives be love, thankfulness, and justice as opposed to guilt and fear.
  • God promises many blessings for those who generously share their gifts as he asks, including inner peace and happiness, eternal life, and his care and protection.





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