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Ministries of Sacrament

The mission of Sacrament involves viewing the Church as the visible sign of Christ's presence in our midst in the liturgy and faith groups.

Music Ministry 

Contact: Ric Iannone, 717-984-2739

Striving to actively involve the congregation in prayerful song during liturgies and special events is the goal of this ministry. Cantors typically lead the singing at Mass and are accompanied by musicians playing piano, guitar, or organ. Cantors and musicians are scheduled as they are available for the Mass they regular attend. Currently, Cantors are needed. Please call Ric or email:

Extraordinary Ministers

Contact: Frank Himmelsbach, 717-393-5210

Called to bring the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ to her church, these ministers, frequently referred to as Extraordinary Ministers, assist the priest in distribution of the Eucharist. Ministers are men and women who are at least 18 years of age (high school seniors) and are appointed by the Pastor. Training is provided at the diocesan and local level. Extraordinary Ministers may also volunteer to take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound.

Altar Servers

Contact: Dan Martin, 717-481-8547

Serve at the Lord's table. Altar Servers play an important role in all parish liturgies. Servers are boys and girls of at least 4th Grade age who asisst the priest and other ministers at Mass. Servers receive special training and usually serve in pairs. Altar Servers typically serve once or twice a month and are scheduled with other family members who may be serving in another ministry at Mass. New Altar Servers are always needed. Please contact Dan for more information or to volunteer.

Art and Environment

Contact: Terry Tafelski, 717-397-4421

Glorify God through the art and environment aspects of the church worship space. The committee tries to implement church guidelines on the subject in a way consistent with the liturgical calendar and design of the church building. The committee is also charged with overseeing the decoration of the church for the various special and seasonal liturgies. Some of the volunteer opportunities include: decoration planners for Christmas, Easter and all seasons of the Liturgical year, gardeners and those interested in flowers and plants, stitchers to make linens for the credence table and gift table, and visionaries to help implement the guidelines on Liturgical Decorations. Committee meets as needed.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Contac: Caitlyn Dusablon, DRE, 717-392-2225

This ministry brings the Liturgy of the Word to children Ages 5-11 in order that they may understand the message of the readings, and the Creed in a way that is meaningful to them. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them." This is a wonderful opportunity for the youngest of our parish family to grow closer to Christ. This ministry is led by adults who use the Children's Lectionary and have weekly resources that help outline the message for each given Sunday. Adult leaders sign up for as many weeks as they can serve at the 10:30 a.m. Mass throughout the school year. If interested in bringing the Word of God to the children of the parish, please contact Caitlyn.


Contact: Mario Gallello, 717-569-3981

Ushers serve the integral function of greeting parishioners or visitors, offering help locating a seat and maintaining an orderly liturgy. Members should possess gifts of leadership, coordination, and expression in serving members of the Body of Christ. Ushers also coordinate the Offertory procession and Communion lines. Commitment is approximately 90 minutes two to three times per month depending on schedule rotation. Training is provided. New Ushers are always welcomed. Please call Mario for more information or to volunteer.


Contact: Joe Hoenninger, 717-575-2596

Proclaim the Word of God at Mass and at other liturgical events. Lectors should be practicing Catholics in good standing, of high school age or older, and be able to provide a clear and articulate reading of the Sacred Scriptures, as well as various prayers and announcements. Lectors receive training and typically are scheduled to read at Mass one or two times per month. If interested in sharing this talent with the parish, please call Joe Hoenninger or email:


Contact: Kristy Monahan, 717-560-4713

Greeters serve the special function to welcome all who come to weekend and Holy Day liturgies. Members should have grace to express social warmth and Christian kindness. Greeters provide the initial and parting contact for parishioners and visitors. Commitment is approximately 90 minutes (including liturgy) one to two times each month. Training is provided. We are currently in need of Greeters.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

Contact: Richard Lichty, 717-291-9832

RCIA is an ongoing process designed to welcome new members into the Church. The focus of the RCIA is centered on Jesus as Lord, celebrated through sacrament and community. Individuals meet to prayerfully reflect and grow in their faith. We focus on the Creed, theology and the tradition that makes us Catholic.

Parishioners are invited to be a part of this faith-filled group by sponsoring a candidate or to be a companion sharing your faith and welcoming inquirers to learn about Catholicism The RCIA group meets weekly from September to Pentecost (May or June). Please call Rich for more information or to share your time and talent in this ministry.

Rosary Group

Contact: Caroline Zablocki, 717-394-2784

The Rosary Group meets Monday evenings at 6:15 p.m. in the church; before the Saturday afternoon Mass, and on Sunday mornings at 7:35 a.m. before Mass to gather and pray the rosary. This form of traditional Catholic prayer is prayed together under the direction of the prayer leader with all participating. We encourage more people to make a commitment and add this to their prayer life. All are welcome to join. Please call Caroline for more information.

Prayer Line Request Group

Contact: Rita Boyer, 717-394-6283

The Prayer Line Request Group are parishioners who receive requests for prayers, pass the request on to the next person on the line by telephone, text or email, pray for the requested intentions which are sometimes an immediate need due to emergency situations and keep all requests confidential. The Prayer Line is an addition to the Prayer List published in the weekly bulletin. Please contact Rita if you wish to join this group and give your time and prayers for this ministry.

Church Cleaners

Contact: Christina Brennan, 717-666-5981

Worship through working. These humble, hard working cleaners are a vital part of the church's functioning. At St. Anne, cleaners keep the church neat, clean, and presentable for all church functions. Cleaners work in accord with their own schedules, but usually provide cleaning on a weekly basis. A more thorough housecleaning is typically done during the Christmas season. New cleaners are always welcome. To volunteer, please call Christina.


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