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Ministries of Herald

The mission of Herald involves proclaiming the Word of God and salvation in Christ through education, evangelization and communication.

Parish Religious Education (PRE)

Contact: Caitlyn Dusablon, Director of Religious Education (DRE), 717-392-2225

The Parish Religious Education Program (formerly called CCD) provides religious education for those children in the parish who attend public schools, Grades K-8. There is nothing more important in this life than to have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Triune God, through his gift of the Church. Children are taught, what has begun at home, the essentials of the Catholic faith. Students will come to understand important aspects such as the Mass, the Sacraments and that being authentically Catholic means living each day joyfully following Christ's commands in all aspects of life. Religious Education classes begin in September and run until May, from 9:15-10:15 a.m. on Sundays. It is vital and expected for students to be present at each class. Any adult interested in becoming a catechist should be able to teach the faith each week, have a lof of the faith and want to make a difference in the youth of our parish. For more information or to volunteer, contact Caitlyn.

Stewardship Committee

Contact: Christine Whalen, 717-394-9512

This committee promotes Stewardship as a way of life. Realizing that discipleship requires the surrender of one's self through grace and choice to Jesus Christ, he or she accepts that their being and all it possesses are gifts from God which must be shared in order to build the kingdom. The committee is responsible for the education and awareness of the true meaning of being a Christian steward. This responsibility is borne out by the promotion of Stewardship through all ministries. The committee facilitates the giving of time and talent through effective worship and ministry opportunities and enables a sense of fulfillment, peace and joy through sacrificial giving. The Committee meets as needed. Time commitment varies depending on area of responsibility and time of year. New committee members are needed and welcome. Please call or email Chris to serve on the committee or to volunteer.

Scripture Sharing

Contact: Rich Lichty, 717-291-9832

Adult scripture sharing sessions meet to allow participants to reflect more deeply on what the "Word of God" communicates. The seasons of Advent and Lent have been the customary times that are used for these gatherings. The group usually follows a pre-selected theme or topic with appropriate resource materials to guide discussion. Besides the actual scripture that is used, the reflections of the gathered adults add a very enriching and enlightening aspect to the evening sessions. The spontaneous sharing is always a blessing to all involved and makes us aware of how the Spirit speaks to each of us. For more information, please contact Rich.

Outreach to Inactive Parishioners

Contact: Frank Himmelsbach, 717-393-5210

This ministry is an effort to "welcome home" parishioners who have been away from Mass and the Sacraments. The ministry's aim is to bring the one true happiness--active Eucharistic faith--back into the lives of parishioners who may be disillusioned, questioning their faith or searching for meaning in their lives. It is also an opportunity for current parishioners to respond to their Baptismal call and the command at the end of every Mass to live out the Gospel and spread the Good News. If you would like to truly change lives and can give as little as one to two hours a month, or just occasional assistance, call Frank to volunteer or for additional information.


Parish Library Committee

Contact: Person Needed - Call the office to inquire.

The Parish Library is a spiritual and faith-enriching resource for all parishioners and school families to use. The Committee oversees the operation and maintenance of the Library. These responsibilities include inventory and equipment management, the scheduling and marketing of events and programs, and, writing book reviews for the parish bulletin and website. This Committee is also responsible for the inventory and care of the display case outside of the sacristy. The Committee meets on an as needed basis. To chair or serve on the committee or assist with any of the stated responsibilities, please call the parish office.





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